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How to Select your Patio Furniture?
Rabu, 20 Juli 2016
By : dyrame admin 2 - view : 512

If you have a large yard, it would be nice if we can take advantage of these yard as a place for us to relax, refresh our mind, and enjoy the fresh air outdoors. Selection of the right furniture for your yard will be indispensable in determining the beauty of your home.

The best choice furniture for yard is patio furniture. The word of patio is refers to Spanish language, which can be interpreted as the backyard. In Indonesia, the meaning of patio can be interpreted as a terrace. The terrace is generally spacious outdoor courtyard. Thus, it can be interpreted that patio furniture is the type of furniture that is placed outdoors.


Here are some easy tips to choose the type of patio furniture for your yard.

1. Determine the amount of patio furniture you want to purchase

Before you purchase this type of furniture, let you analyze your yard area first. If you have a large outdoor courtyard and spacious, you can select a set of patio furniture, namely chairs for outdoor lounge, table umbrellas, and others. It would make the yard more cohesive, harmonious and consistent.


But if you have a small yard that is not too extensive, then simply buying patio furniture sparingly. You certainly do not want to buy a lot of furniture to look attractive isn’t it? Because, it will make a crowded yard, not beautiful and looks messy. For that we can choose a pair of folding outdoor chairs with a table so that there is plenty of room left for the narrow courtyard. In addition to efficient, practical and does not take up space, of course we can walk comfortably.


2. Know the functionality and usability of patio furniture deeper

Once you know the area of ​​your yard and the amount of furniture you want to purchase, then the next thing is to consider a corner or a place that most often we use later. For example: if you likes to eat outdoors with family and friends, the best investment is to buy patio furniture that is restaurant style, includes a dining table and seating patio type that is appropriate for it.

If you want to relaxation, we can fill the space with buying patio furniture hanging type bed, a rocking chair and a side table for storing snacks and cold drinks.


3. Material Selection

There are many options when we are going to buy this type of patio furniture. Materials of metal, wicker, plastic and wood are the most common. Each material has unique properties and are ideal for different situations.

The type of metal is often quite durable and sturdy, but it has the potential to rust or become hot when exposed to certain elements. Patio furniture made of rattan would be very convenient for the outdoors, but sometimes do not fit the style of each person. Plastic materials of patio furniture is a cheap option and lightweight and available in all kinds of colors and styles, but has the potential to fade over time.


The final choice is made of wood. In tropical countries like Indonesia, patio furniture from wood can be said to be the best choice for a solid construction and the ability of the neutral temperature on wood to keep it cool in summer and vice versa. Although the price of patio furniture made of wood is more expensive, but in terms of beauty, quality, durability will have many benefits for you.

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