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SVLK - Timber Legality Verification System
Rabu, 13 Juli 2016
By : dyrame admin 2 - view : 3328

Indonesia is a leading producer of many forest products. So, it expected to enhance the competitive advantage of the countries timber products in the wider international market, we need a system that can be arranged related to trading of forest products that are legal in Indonesia.

Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) is a tracking system that is arranged in a multi-stakeholder to ensure the legality of timber being circulated and also traded in Indonesia. SVLK made by the Ministry of Forestry. In the first year SVLK implementation, verification costs are a burden on the Department of Forestry. The management unit that passed the verification acquires license legality. Legality license is only given to the management unit that meets all the indicators full compliance. The legality by the Commission for a license is valid for four years with the viewing period once in two years. After 4 years of management units back cover verification to keep ensure the legality of timber produced. Unit management cannot meet SVLK indicators will be verified again by the Verification Agency after declaring its readiness not to exceed 6 months.

CV. Jepara Crafters Furniture as a highly reputable company in export of wood furniture in Indonesia has already had SVLK with number 180/LVLK-009/IX/2015 to ensure that all timber products in circulation and traded in Jepara Crafters Furniture have a legal status that is convincing. Consumers from abroad were no need to worry about the legality of timber from Jepara Crafters Furniture. Industrial wooden are sure of the legality of the source of the making of raw wood material that easier to convince the buyers abroad.

For the exporter who had SVLK it can be have so many advantages, which are : build a credible legality verification tool, efficient and fair as one of the efforts to solve the issue of illegal logging, SVLK provide certainty for markets in Europe, America, Japan, and neighboring states that wood and wood products manufactured by Indonesia is a product that is legal and comes from legal sources, improve the administration of forest timber administration effectively, being the only system for wood legality prevailing in Indonesia, eliminate high-cost economy, and also opportunities for free inspection that cause high economic costs.

SVLK Indonesian Legal Wood photo pass-svlk-vlegal-teak-mahogany-Indonesia_zpscs63rcum.jpg

If an exporter does not hold a valid legality certificate, the several things can happen: firstly the request for an export license will be denied, stalling the shipment; then making all exports impossible until they have amended their operations.

The main goals of SVLK are Governments commitment in the fight against illegal logging and illegal timber trade, also the embodiment of good forest governance towards sustainable forest management. Demand for timber legality assurance in the form of certification from the international market, particularly from the EU, USA, Japan and Australia.

SVLK inspection process includes examining the validity of the origin of the wood from beginning to end. Starting from the utilization license examination, signs of the identity of the timber and the documents accompanying the timber from the logging transport from the forest to timber production, processing up to packing and shipping.

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