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The best wood furniture from Indonesia
Kamis, 31 Marett 2016
By : Admin JCF - view : 11829

Indonesia furniture is among the best in the market. Why? It is because teak wood will work for its beauty and its durability. Beyond its beauty, it also provides some natural features that other woodlands do not have.

Teak from Indonesia has always been a renowned material. The plant that teak wood comes from, Tectona grandis, is native to the tropics. Since around the 7th century, it has been used for furniture.

Teak has more recognition and is known to be excellent in the market and has also been the choice material for the finest quality Indonesian furniture.Teak wood is more pricey in comparison to Shorea wood because it is rare, strong and lasts for a longer time.

Teak is also more elastic than Shorea or particle boards and hence very conducive for curving. Most teak wood furnitures have interesting patterns that increase the beauty because they are easy to work with .

Teak wood has a great feel in comparison to the present woods like plywood, or particle boards, teak is more popular and used more than other hardwoods because of its beauty. Teak wood are exceptionally strong as compared to pine or mango woods and harder than some of the common hardwood species around.

 photo teak indoor minimalist Indonesia_zpsxplmwho8.jpg

Teak wood furniture is more durable than particle board furniture; it can last for many years whereas particle board only lasts or 2 to 3 years. They are strong and resistant to water unlike the later; hence, teak wood is one of the long lasting woods .This makes it suitable for making outdoor Indonesian furniture and garden furniture. Teak is also better suitable for furnishings than Sheesham because it is more resistant to environmental changes.

Teak wood furniture however requires more care unlike plywood. The teak wood furniture needs to be polished after a few years to maintain its shine and to keep it appealing

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