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Exterior Furniture
Sabtu, 02 April 2016
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When you are planning to get home exterior furniture, you will find a lot of options to choose from. One of them is teak wood furniture. Garden or balcony furniture made from teak wood has several advantages. Knowing the benefits can help you understand why they are popular. 


If you prefer a luxurious extravagant /historical/classic type of garden furniture style, teak types of garden furniture are the way to go. Maintenance is easy as using teak oil annually will ensure the furniture keeps its original color. You may also opt to allow the color to change over time naturally. There are a plethora of finish choices to choose from. It is therefore easy to find a style and shade that meets your requirements. 


Since teak did not rust or rot, ships that were decommissioned and made using teak material were could still be salvaged. Take note that teak will not rust even when it is joined with metal. This characteristic makes tweak a great material to make garden or outdoor furniture. The fact is if teak could survive prolonged exposure to ocean water, teak garden furniture will last very long without rotting or rusting. The waterproofing feature of teak makes it a good choice for any outdoor furniture including balcony or garden furniture. 

Low maintenance 

There are types of garden furniture that are high maintenance. Some materials attract grime and dirt more than others. Teak type of hardwoods do not have this characteristic. Additionally, their maintenance is minimal meaning teak type garden furniture will always be a great buy. 

Strong and durable

There are many benefits associated with teak type hardwoods when compared to other materials used in the creation of patio furniture. The first and most important advantage is that teak hardwoods are beautiful, sustainable, durable and strong hardwood from Malaysia, Thailand and South America. Teak is an exotic material was originally used in the Middle Ages for building ships. At that time, it was seen as the best and most durable material for long voyages in high seas. 

Long lasting

Most people are not able to buy garden furniture every other year. Another distinct advantage of solid teak wood over garden furniture made using other materials is that it is extremely durable. It has proven to be strong such that it can stand the test of time. On average, such furniture can last for half a century to 75 years. Therefore, it is very cost-effective and that is why it is quite popular.

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