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Indonesia International Furniture Fair
Sabtu, 04 Juni 2016
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The sector of furniture industry and national craft is one of the foreign exchange industries. Opportunities to improve Indonesian furniture and craft market in the world market are still quite large. One activity that can increase the value of exports of furniture and crafts is through promotions and exhibitions. Indonesia has the potential production to increase exports in the world market considering that forests is quite spacious and has abundant human resources, as well as their production centers furniture and handicrafts are scattered throughout Indonesia.

Furniture exhibition in Indonesia is one of the flagship programs that aim to demonstrate to the international community on the development of furniture and handicraft products in Indonesia. Through this exhibition, the participants met with thousands of buyers, distributors, and agents from around the world, from Europe, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

In addition, the exhibition furniture intended to lift the importance of innovation and creativity in the furniture industry and handicraft. Thus, industry players can continue increasing innovation and creativity in order to produce superior products that have added value optimal and can become the market leader in the global market.

Several exhibitions in Indonesia leading and well known in the International, among others: IFFINA, IFEX and TEI. This grand event is an exhibition of furniture and handicraft business to business in Indonesia and the International region.


Indonesia International Furniture and Craft Fair (IFFINA) is a furniture exhibition activities held each year in Indonesia at the beginning of March with the cooperation between the association of furniture to bring together buyers that exist throughout the world with the artisans and entrepreneurs.

The intention of organize this event as well as to be able to hold direct meetings between the buyers with the artisans or entrepreneurs. In addition to inviting the buyers and entrepreneurs, this activity is also inviting design education institutions in Indonesia to participate featuring works by students.

By convening this exhibition, artisans are facilitated to promote the craft to the buyer, let alone craft Indonesian furniture products and highly favored overseas.

 photo iffina furniture fair_zpsjmmgargw.jpg


Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) is the largest furniture exhibition in Indonesia and Reflects the beauty of Indonesian furniture products, the skills and expertise Possessed by the exhibitors. It is supported by four ministries, namely the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, and the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

This exhibition presents a furniture and craft products world class. This exhibition was attended by thousands of buyers from home and abroad to hunt all the crafts needed. Primarily there searching for the furniture for residential, restaurants and hotels and public rooms include a table and chairs, furniture for the living room and bed.

Implementation of the show is actually almost the same as IFFINA exhibition that is usually held in early March in each year. Unlike the IFFINA held at JCC, IFEX took place in JIExpoKemayoran Jakarta. So it is understandable that a lot of buyers from various countries come to Indonesia to see the exhibition in March in Indonesia because they all want to see the largest exhibition in a month.

One of the unique in IFEX is the presence of the Hall of Excellence which is an exhibition hall with a selection exhibition of participating companies. Hall of Excellence contains large mid-sized companies with the best quality products, innovative design with the latest. This hall is showing quality products and high added value.

  photo ifex furniture expo_zpscpic70nz.jpg


TEI to be known as the Trade Expo Indonesia, is Indonesians roommates Reviews largest B2B exhibition offers a one stop shop for the multi products sourcing, usually held in mid-October every year, located in JIExpoKemayoran. TEI display more than 200 products and services, divided in 5 large product zones for your comfort.

This event is one of the largest exhibitions in Indonesia which hold various export products pride of the nation. The trade show is like a storefront that contains a variety of quality Indonesian products. Unlike IFFINA or IFEX that show the furniture products, TEI displays superior products more diverse Indonesia, among others, automotive products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and other products such as furniture. In the service sector, TEI also features a well-trained workforce in mining, construction or surveyor.

This event is also a media business-to-business meeting between businessmen from the two countries. There is no doubt TEI has been known for overseas buyers who every year faithfully visit. By convening this exhibition, is expected to be raised how the industries on in Indonesia, so it continues to innovate and be creative so as to produce superior products that have added value optimal and can become the market leader in the global market.

Public as one of the industry stakeholders must have the ability to create or encourage a trend in the industry. To survive, the industry must be able to follow the trend that is happening in the local and global industry. The industries ability to deliver products with the latest designs and innovative was instrumental in attracting buyers. This industry is expected to be able to continue to grow in the coming years. To support this growth, the furniture industry and national craft needs to secure the main resource they like the artisans, designers, as well as the main material of the industry.

 photo Trade Expo Indonesia_zpso3thgiov.jpg


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